Nitecore HC60 Rechargeable Headlamp with Cool White

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Being the latest member of Nitecore's lightweight rechargeable headlamp series, the HC60 is a compact headlamp with indisputably the widest flood illumination and superb comfort. 1000 Lumens impressive output coming from a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED is outstanding. Included is a 3400mAh battery of 18650, it provides runtime up to 680 hours. The dual cooling system featuring integrated temperature sensor and intelligent temperature control provides safe and consistent user experience. Three special features have been added to this model. It has a strobe-ready button and it can also send SOS signals. What's more, it has the location beacon to signify location constantly, pressing the strobe button to send out strobe lights immediately under severe circumstance.
Max Output: 1000 Lumens
Max Beam Distance: 117 m
Max Beam Intensity: 3400 cd
Max Run Time: 680 h 0 m/28.33 d