UST Learn and Live Cards - Outdoor Skills Set

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The Learn & Live Outdoor Skills Card Set includes a collection of pocket reference guides covering the fundamentals of imperative survival skills. These come packaged within a watertight case. The card sets included cover topics such as tying knots, navigating using maps or compasses, shelter building, first aid, fire building, and survival fishing.

Features & Specifications:

  • Water-resistant carrying case
  • Knot Cards: Allows you to learn and practice a variety of useful knots applied outdoors
  • Way Finding Cards: A pocket guide to help learn how to navigate using maps, compasses, and more.
  • Shelter Building Cards: Describe a variety of different emergency shelters and directions on how to build them.
  • First Aid Cards: Useful tips to treat minor injuries when someone is hurt in an emergency situation.
  • Fire Building Cards: Outline step-by-step how to successfully build a fire in the outdoors.
  • Survival Fishing Cards: Feature useful tips and methods for catching fish in survival situations.